How to Buy Sugar Gliders

By Michael H Bolden

Sugar Glider CareSugar gliders are amazing pets and friends and having one as a pet and friend is truly an amazing experience. And thanks to their natural charisma sugar gliders are becoming more and more popular around the US.

Even though it’s a real pleasure to have one as a pet, I would strongly suggest you checking out if sugar gliders are legal pets in your state. The thing is that sugar gliders are exotic pets and some state laws might claim them illegal. So just to be safe than sorry, check the US Department Of Agriculture laws to find out if it’s okay to own one in your state.

If you find out that it’s okay to own sugar glider in your state, then try and find as much information as you can about sugar glider care. Even though sugar gliders are small and are pretty healthy animals they still require a lot of time to feel loved and happy. So just before you buy a sugar glider, find out EVERYTHING you can about your new pet and how to take care of it.

Now, the next thing is that you must know is that they might live up to 15 years. Even though it’s a strange thing to say, I want you to understand that this is not a short-term commitment. You will have to spend at least 2 hours of quality time every day with your pet for your sugar glider to feel loved and be healthy. So think this over again and commit to that.

When it comes to buying one, even though they might be hard to find, buy only from licensed breeders. Finding one will take some time and the best place to start from is International Sugar Gliders Association.

After you’ve found a breeder near you and they have some in stock – visit them. See the conditions that they are living in. If they are keeping their sugar gliders in aquariums it might mean that breeders are not too concerned with their sugar gliders’ health and buying one from them might be a pretty risky thing to do.

Also, ask what are they feeding their sugar gliders with. If pellets are the only thing that they feed them – it’s not a good sign. Sugar gliders need much more minerals and elements that can be found in pellets.

Now if everything is fine, start choosing your new pet. Try to choose pet that is at least of 8 weeks old.

When you’ve found one that would like to take home, don’t forget to ask breeder for their contact information, so that you can contact them if something goes wrong or just have simple sugar glider care question.

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